When women support each other, incredible things happen.

February 16-17 | New York City





Her Ventures celebrates the change-makers of tomorrow, empowering female undergraduate entrepreneurs to grow their start-ups or visions for start-ups into something extraordinary. 


80 Attendees.

2 Days.

1 Incredible Experience.


Her Ventures' unique programming equips you with the resources, mentors, and contacts you need to launch your dreams off the page.


Meet Your Co-Founder

Her Ventures recognizes that the most important resource for undergraduate female founders is a supportive and creative community. That's why attendees meet women from across the country, ranging from tech pioneers, young founders, and women interested in being a part of early stage and cutting edge start-ups. 


Attend World-Class Workshops, Talks, and Seminars

Her Ventures' line-up of panels, mentors, and keynotes gives attendees vital insight, inspiration, and practical advice to take their ventures to the next level.


Network With Top Venture Capitalists

Whether you're looking for seed funding, injection capital, or you're on your third-round of funding, venture capitalists from major firms can provide advice and strategy to boost your chances of funding your dreams. 


Connect With Industry Leading Mentors

Mentorship is the key to extraordinary success. That's why Her Ventures connects attendees to some of the best business leaders in their respective field, enabling relationships that ensure future success.